Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

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There’s something so foreign about family… like an ill-fitting suit. I never connected to the concept. — You created a family for yourself.

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This is the funniest thing to ever happen to Canada

I have never been prouder to be Canadian

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Robin the bank

#that pun was on point

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This deadass the funniest tweet ever.


This deadass the funniest tweet ever.

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No knight in the Seven Kingdoms could have stood against him at his full strength, with no chains to hamper himJaime had done many wicked thingsbut the man could fightHis maiming had been monstrously cruel. It was one thing to slay a lion,another to hack his paw off and leave him broken and bewildered.

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"I’m pretty sure the answer to that is ‘I am Groot.’"

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It’s funny with mothers isn’t it…One of my earliest memories of hospitals, my mother had to go to one. She had an accident, ended up blind in one eye. … Actually I did it to her. See my mother had a habit of making me feel real lousy. She would call me a tramp, she would say I was a disgrace to her and myself and I took it. For the longest time, her opinion of me until one day, I don’t even know what set it off, but I took off one of my pumps, it had one of those real pointy heels, and I stabbed her right in the eye with it.

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The initial bidding for The Word of God

sometimes supernatural is sad

and then sometimes stuff like this happens

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Tatiana Maslany behind the scenes of Orphan Black Season 2

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